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Specializing in Exceptional Jewelry & Manufacturing Services
Repairs: Settings:
Gold, Platinum, Silver
Laser Soldering
Custom Jewelry & Design Special Orders
Channel Rounds & Baguettes
All Center Stones
Prong Bezel Pave' Invisible
  • Faceting and Custom Cutting:
  • Cabochons:
  • We can facet stones to your specification using your rough materials or ours. We do all type of cabochon cutting, standard shapes or very unusual shapes.
  • Inlays:
  • Top polish gemstone in ring:
  • We take great inlaying replacement stones such as black onyx, opal, lapis, turquoise, coral, granite, and more. We can re-polish faceted gemstones that are mounted in a ring as long as there are no obstructions.
  • Gem Repair and Cutting:
  • Special Cuts:
  • High quality cutting and stone repair of all types of gemstones. We can re-cut chipped and broken stones. We do special gem cutting to your specifications to accommodate your designs.
  • Carving:
  • Drilling:
  • We do most kinds of gemstone carving. We can do many types of drilling.
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